Minister Prodanov: By the end of May the hotels will receive the money for the accommodation of the Ukrainian refugees for the period from 1 to 31 April

18 May 2022

The accommodation facilities have received all funds for accommodating Ukrainian asylum-seekers from 24 February to 31 March, with the exception of 27 facilities due to duplication of persons or errors in the submission of documents. This is what the Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov said in the program “Hello, Bulgaria” on Nova TV. He added that the business will receive the funds for the period from 1 to 31 April until the end of May.

The Minister explained that the programme for accommodation of people seeking protection from the war in hotels is for three months and ends on May 31. “I guarantee that we will not leave anyone on the street after the end of the programme. We will take care of everyone by relocating them to state and municipal bases,” Minister Prodanov added.

“The Ministry of Tourism does not manage the refugee crisis, it is managed by the headquarters and the State Agency for Refugees. The Ministry of Tourism has the task of paying the accommodation places that helped and hosted Ukrainian citizens. We are also making an effort to integrate most of these people and provide them with employment,” the minister said. According to the Employment Agency, some of them have started working in hotel complexes or are ready to join the labour market.

Regarding the transportation of the Ukrainian citizens to the state bases, the minister announced that he would insist to the joint group of the Council of Ministers to have a clear timetable for the relocation, because most of the hotels already have reservations for holidays from the end of May.

The Minister used the occasion to thank the hotel-keepers for their help and honesty in a difficult period of unprecedented crisis for both the state and the Ukrainians.

Regarding the possibility to continue the accommodation programme, but with less funds, Minister Prodanov commented that it would be proposed for discussion.

“All state bases will be open to handle this force majeure,” the minister asserted. There will also be a discussion on the issue of government employees who have received vacation cards for hotel accommodations as compensation. 

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