Minister Nikolina Angelkova: We are introducing a unified dial number for all hotel receptions

27 April 2015

A unified dial number for hotel reception desks will be introduced. The changes will be part of the new resolution for the categorization of food, accommodation and entertainment establishments which the Ministry of Tourism is preparing and which should be introduced by the end of May. This was announced during a meeting of Minister Nikolina Angelkova with the Chair of the Union of Bulgarian Actors Hristo Mutafchiev and the digital champion of Bulgaria Gergana Pasi.  

“We will initiate a discussion with the branch industry to determine the best such dial number that all hotel reception desks will then be obliged to introduce”, said Minister Angelkova. She also explained that hotels will be given some extra time to meet this requirement. According to experts this measure will increase the quality of the product without any additional costs for the business.

The extra token of quality that the Ministry is working upon was also discussed during the meeting. “We will discuss whether free Internet access in hotels should not be one of the elements for selection,” noted Nikolina Angelkova.







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