Minister Dimitrov discussed with Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov and Minister of Innovation Alexander Pulev the possibilities of applying for the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan

22 August 2022

Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds Management Atanas Pekanov, Caretaker Minister of Tourism Dr. Ilin Dimitrov and Minister of Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev held a working meeting on funding opportunities for the tourism industry under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and European programmes.

At the suggestion of the Minister of Tourism, it was agreed that experts from the Council of Ministers and the line ministries should join efforts and in a short period prepare explanatory information on the opportunities and deadlines for funding under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and the European and operational programmes. Each of the ministries will issue its own statement.

To facilitate the tourism sector, the Ministry of Tourism will distribute an information brochure with the latest information for hoteliers on the active programmes they can apply for.

“Currently there is a perception that the tourism sector is excluded from the Recovery and Sustainability Plan as well as from European programmes. We will provide explanatory information to reach the business community. This is one of my tasks in the next two months”, Minister Dimitrov said.

During the meeting, special emphasis was put on the upcoming application of the tourism business until the end of the year under the measures for energy renovation of non-residential buildings. Eligible beneficiaries cover micro/small, medium and large enterprises at a maximum of 50% grant intensity. The planned resource is BGN 617.7 million from the Recovery and Sustainability Facility alone, excluding additional national and private co-financing.

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