Minister Baltova talked to Patricia Schultz, American writer and author of the bestseller “1,000 places to see before you die”

26 September 2021

The Minister of Tourism Stella Baltova talked to Patricia Schultz, American writer and author of the world bestseller “1,000 places to see before you die”. The book has been translated into dozens of languages and sold millions of copies.

Patricia Schultz has traveled around the world as a journalist for more than 25 years and has published her experiences in various travel magazines and travel guides. She invests all her experience so far in this book, which took her 7 years to write.

Minister Baltova presented before her guest the opportunities for tourism in Bulgaria, highlighting some of the most interesting facts about Bulgaria.

Our country is very rich in mineral springs and offers opportunities for spa treatment, which is why many visitors come to us, the minister explained. Bulgaria has the hottest geyser in Europe – in Sapareva Banya, which is 103 degrees and the highest mountain peak in the Balkans – Musala, she told about the climatic treatment in Bulgaria. The Rose Valley is one of our symbols and that is why our tourist logo is a rose, and for several years, Bulgaria has been a world leader in lavender production. And more interesting facts that Minister Baltova shared with her interlocutor about our cultural and historical heritage and its preservation, about the oldest gold field in the world, discovered in Varna, about the delicious typical local cuisine, and that Bulgaria offers wine tourism, such as in all parts of the country there are conditions for wine production, and the varieties Mavrud, broad Melnik vine and Gamza are very typical for Bulgaria.

Many young travelers choose Bulgaria as their destination, commented Patricia Schultz. According to her words, many influencers and bloggers from the United States have chosen Varna and Bulgaria as their destination this year. Schultz pointed out that for them, here is paradise, because they have “the whole package” – culture, archeology, food, attitude, and a very affordable price, which allows them to stay for a longer period of time. Patricia Schultz commented on her latest book, in which she talks about the reasons why she travels. “Everyone travels for different reasons and for me, these reasons are many. Having something in your heart and mind is one thing, but try to write it on a piece of paper, it’s a great challenge,” said the author of the world bestseller, a real travel guide.

During her conversation with the Bulgarian Minister, the world-famous writer revealed that she likes the Balkans but only now she encountered Bulgaria. Her trip to our country has inspired her with new ideas to present and promised surprises in her future book.

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