Minister Angelkova: “We will foresee through the Law on the Structure of Bulgarian Black Sea Coast /LSBBSC/, to regulate the access of people with disabilities to the beaches and the sea

17 August 2018

I undertake to add in the Black Sea Coast Act a change that defines the accessible beach environment for people with disabilities for which the responsibility of the beach owners. This will also be done by grouping beaches. We continue meeting with representatives of organizations of people with reduced mobility and I want to thank them for their cooperation. This was announced by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova, who participated in the accessibility check-up on the “Bourgas-sever” beach along with Greta Asparuhova and Hristina Nacheva who are fighting for an accessible environment.

The Minister announced that last year, through annexes to the contracts it was requested from the concessionaires and strip tenants to provide favorable conditions for people with disabilities to be able to rest comfortably on the beach. At some of the beaches, the concessionaires have already provided trolleys, which are extremely important. So once on the beach, people with disabilities can bathe in the sea. Such are available on the “Slanchev bryag - yug” beach, it was became clear from the words of the Minister. This is one of the few stripes where a person with disabilities can best enjoy the beach, as far as absolutely all additional equipment and facilities are provided.

Minister Angelkova reminded that there is no clear regulation now, and that a legal basis is really needed in order for the tourist administration to oblige concessionaires and tenants to ensure this accessibility. Certainly, this will be done with the change of the LSBBSC, whose project is publicly debated. At the beaches for which an annex are signed with us on the rent and concession contracts and must ensure accessibility, we will issue prescriptions the real situation to be checked in order to actually serve the people, she said.

Minister Angelkova said that for the Central Beach in Burgas a prescription for the old path to be changed will be also issued. It is very important to provide a legal framework that is for the sea beaches only. You know that there is a requirement for the accessibility to be ensured also under the European regulations. The inspection with the participation of the Minister Angelkova continued later on at the Sunny Beach-South, where the concessionaire created the most favorable environment for persons with disabilities. A total of 82 beaches are currently constructed, 53 of which are in the Bourgas region, the Minister said.

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