Minister Angelkova opened the first Festival of the Bulgarian Yoghurt in Momchilovtsi

10 September 2015

Minister Nikolina Angelkova opened the first Festival of the Bulgarian Yoghurt “Traditions of the Rodopi Region”. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Smolyan Nikolai Melemov, the mayor of Momchilovtsi Mariya Nikova, the municipal governor Nedyalko Slavov and a delegation of thirty-seven members of the organizer of the even, the Chinese company "Bright Dairy", headed by the company’s CEO Dong Qin.

“This festival is a great opportunity to showcase our assets to the world. And yoghurt is one of the unique Bulgarian products that we pride ourselves on”, said Minister Angelkova. “Our goal is to foster the development of tourist products that we promote through the newly adopted concept for the country’s regional division” she added. She noted that Smolyan is the heart of the Rodopi tourist region and a regional representative of the Ministry of Tourism will be appointed to monitor on location the relevant issues and the priorities for the development in the sector.

The Chinese product impressed all the participants and the guests at the festival. Minister Angelkova noted that she plans to meet with the chair of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and she will surely inform him about the successful Bulgarian-Chinese relationship in Momchilovtsi. “We already have signed an agreement for cooperation with China and similar initiatives can help increase the tourist flow in the future”, said Minister Angelkova. The Momchilovtsi municipality has created eco routes with signs in Chinese. This has proved to be a success as during the summer more than 350 Chinese tourist visited the region which is twice the number compared to last year.

The Chinese company Bright Dairy has reported revenues of 200 million Chinese Yuan per year from the production of yoghurt named after the Bulgarian village of Momchilovtsi. The company is actively engaged in the promotion of our country as a tourist destination and is highly interested in any opportunities for investment in Bulgaria

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