Minister Angelkova held a work meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Crafts of Algeria

02 June 2019

Minister Angelkova spoke with Algeria's Minister of Tourism and Crafts Abdelkader Benmessaoud. The two discussed future joint initiatives in the framework of the International Conference on Sustainable Investment in Tourism in Sunny Beach, as well as the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation in Tourism between the two countries..

Minister Angelkova said that if Algerian investors wish to invest in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Tourism will cooperate fully.

She added that investment in tourism contributes to the long-term and sustainable growth of the sector nationally, as well as to attracting more visitors from distant markets to Bulgaria and the Old Continent.

Mr Benmessaoud, on his part, congratulated Minister Angelkova on the success of the International Forum in the largest Bulgarian resort and explained that he was impressed with Bulgaria's progress in the economy and tourism. He added that our country has positive development in the quality of tourist services and SPA tourism.

The Minister of Tourism and Crafts of Algeria also said that his country has a large number of international airports, which undoubtedly allows Algerian tourists to get acquainted with the beauties of Bulgaria and vice versa.

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