Holiday and Spa EXPO 2023: Minister Ilin Dimitrov Officially Opened the 39th Edition of the Largest and Most Prestigious Tourism Exhibition in Bulgaria

15 February 2023

The organizers of the exhibition were awarded the Golden Rose for their contribution to tourism

The Minister of Tourism Dr. Ilin Dimitrov officially opened the 39th edition of the largest and most prestigious exhibition in the field of tourism in Bulgaria — ‘Holiday and SPA EXPO 2023’.

‘In these 39 years, two regimes have changed, Bulgaria left the socialist bloc, entered NATO, became a member of the EU, our money was denominated, we experienced crises, we experienced COVID-19, a number of world cataclysms happened... And during all this time, one thing remained certain — and that is that there will be a Holiday and SPA.’ With these words, Minister Ilin Dimitrov launched the initiative, a symbol of sustainability and tradition in tourism in Bulgaria for nearly 4 decades.

He highlighted the contribution of the organizers in the face of the driving force behind this landmark event — Biserka and Vihra Ognyanov and thanked them for their perseverance and consistency over the years in the name of the common cause — the work for the sake of Bulgarian tourism. With these words, Minister Dimitrov presented the organizers with a diploma and a Golden Rose — a symbol of the institution and of Bulgarian tourism for their contribution and perseverance over the years while pursuing their dream, raising the prestige of Bulgarian tourism. 

At the opening of the exhibition Minister Dimitrov stressed the fact that tourism is the intersection and sphere of activity that touches almost every area of public life, reflects or is influenced by it and finally unites the efforts of each of us in a common whole, which we call the image of destination Bulgaria. In his words, this is the only way to raise the prestige of our country and the professional image of the tourism sector. He pointed out that this exhibition is key for tourism and highlighted this year's highlights in the accompanying forum program — the quality of service and personnel in tourism. 

For the grand opening of the prestigious international exhibition, the incumbent ministers responded positively to the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister Dr. Ilin Dimitrov expressed special thanks to his predecessors and stressed that with their presence they support the important message that tourism is a process that should not be interrupted and politicized. 

After giving a symbolic start to the eventful three-day exhibition, which attracts the public, journalists and many renowned tourism professionals, Minister Dimitrov made a tour of the stands and personally greeted the participants in ‘Holiday and SPA EXPO 2023’.

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