The face of CNN Richard Quest highly appreciated the Bulgarian stand in London

04 November 2014

The face of CNN and the World Economic Forum in Davos spokesperson Richard Quest and the heads of the international media had a special visit and talks with the Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy, in charge for Tourism Branimir Botev. Their visit to the Bulgarian stand at the International Tourism Fair World Travel Market in London was at the invitation of the Deputy Minister Botev. The world famous journalist was accompanied by the Vice President of CNN Antonio Canto and the Director for Europe Sylvain Roger. Richard Quest s visit raised an unprecedented interest to our national stand.

Richard Quest, who had been selected for an ambassador of tourism by the World Tourism Organization, showed thorough interest towards the possibilities of Bulgaria during a long amicable conversation held with the Deputy Minister Botev. His interest was resulted from the excellent potential of our country not only for seasonal tourism as sea and ski, but mostly from Bulgaria's potential for a year-round use of the cultural and historic tourism, spa and wellness as well. Richard Quest has advised the country to be more actively promoted, especially on the newly-established markets such as China and the Far East, with a special emphasis being placed on the possibility of a year-round visit to Bulgaria.

Branimir Botev and Richard Quest drew a particular attention to the efforts having been made by our country regarding the construction of motorways and expanding the capacity of airports. Showing the map of Bulgaria, Deputy Minister Botev told and explained Richard Quest the route where the constructed Trakia motorway is passing by, as well as the upcoming motorways as Maritsa, Hemus and Struma. The CNN journalist was well awared of the situation in the Balkans and encouraged the Bulgarian government to continue in this vein, having particularly taken into account the fact that after the launching of Maritsa motorway, the inhabitants of the twenty million Istanbul should be able to arrive in Pamporovo just for few hours for skiing or to go to spa treatments in Hissar and Rose Valley.

Richard Quest confirmed his willingness to visit Bulgaria and said that he had heard wonderful things about our country by Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai. Branimir Botev and Richard Quest have agreed that the foremost journalist will visit Bulgaria in the nearest future after the economic forum in Davos  or during the Rose Festival at the end of the spring.

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