The Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova in Zagreb: Covid pandemic put the tourist sector to a serious test

08 October 2020

We highly appreciate the relations and the political dialogue between the two countries. We are ready for them to continue even more actively with the exchange of high-level visits. This was stated in Zagreb by the Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova at a meeting with Branko Garchik, chaitman of the Croatian Parliament Tourism Commission. The Bulgarian Minister of Tourism is on a working visit to the country.

The Covid crisis and related protective measures were discussed in detail at the meeting in the Croatian Parliament. The pandemic has put to a serious test not only the tourism and transport sectors, but also the economics on a global and European scale, said the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister. Minister Nikolova emphasized that despite the strong negative effect of the epidemic, Croatia has managed to have a relatively good summer season. We take into account that the structure of Croatian tourism is different from the Bulgarian one and we are interested in specific measures of the government, which contributed to the good result in the summer, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

Authorities of both countries have taken urgent measures to limit damage from the pandemic and from the closed to the tourism sector borders. In Bulgaria, they were broad-spectrum and included legal changes, financial support and social changes. Our country remains among the least infected countries in the Balkans, which makes it a safe tourist destination. The timely and strict anti-pandemic steps and the strong sanitary control contribute to this, the Minister of Tourism pointed out.

There are no universal solutions to the crisis, said Branko Garchik. Each country takes different measures, but the exchange of information and experience can help limit the negative consequences. Due to the collapse of air transport, we mainly welcomed tourists by car, we did not have distant destinations, arriving by plane. It is time to start talks on opening air connections on the basis of common safety protocols. Bulgaria and Croatia are competitors, but in the field of health tourism we can be partners. We should establish contacts at different levels so that our people get to know each other, added the chairman of the Croatian Parliament Tourism Commission.

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