The Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova presented the possibilities of the destination Bulgaria as a safe place for travel and vacation to a representative of the German tour operator Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH

05 August 2020

The Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova held a working meeting with Iliya Iliev, a representative of the German tour operator Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH. The main focus of the discussions was the opportunities to present the destination Bulgaria as a safe place for travel and vacation.

"The country is a safe and healthy destination, complying with all anti-epidemic measures against Kovid-19. All restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels strictly follow the instructions and measures for work in a pandemic. I have personally checked them and I have made sure of that”, stressed Minister Nikolova. She also pointed out that Bulgaria has very good prospects as a health destination on the German market, emphasizing that the German market is leading for the sector in our country.

In the period from January to May this year, Germany ranked 9th among the state for inbound tourism, and last year there were more than 761 thousand tourists from there.

The Minister presented to his interlocutor the decision of the government to grant state aid of 35 euros, which the state has developed as an anti-crisis measure to overcome the effects of the pandemic and explained that all necessary documents and guidelines for applications are uploaded on the official website of the Ministry of Tourism. “I am grateful for the fact that the Bulgarian state managed to do something for us with one breast ahead, this is very important and we appreciate this subsidy that is provided”, said Iliev.

“The intensive work for this summer season continues, and for the first time this year we offer tourist packages for the winter season”, he added. He added that the company works with good partners in Bulgaria and offers high quality products to its tourists for holidays in our country. According to him, the main focus in presenting the destination Bulgaria is the opportunities it offers for SPA tourism.

We have also developed a special marketing campaign for the German market, developed according to the needs and demands of German tourists, said Minister Nikolova. She explained that it is planned to promote the possibilities for providing medical, outpatient, preventive and wellness services in Bulgaria, as last year the first edition of a catalog with more than 20 certified for the German market sites in Bulgaria in German was published.


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