Corendon chose Bulgaria for its first charter, 189 tourists from Amsterdam arrived in Burgas

26 June 2020

The company highly appreciates the measures of the Bulgarian government against COVID-19 and the possibility of subsidizing tourist flights, this is its first flight in more than three months



We have not performed a single flight with tourists for more than three months, we are glad that our first flight is to Bulgaria.

An important reason for choosing your country as a first destination is the information from your government that flights will be subsidized. We immediately informed our customers and filled out this flight. This was stated in Burgas by Sjoerd de Kort, Director of Product, Yield & Contracting at Corendon (Touroperator), who arrived in Bulgaria together with 189 tourists from the Netherlands on board, including families with children.

He expressed his satisfaction that he is here and stressed that Bulgaria is one of the most important destinations for the company. “Tourists do not worry. Everyone wanted to come. We have explained to them in advance that they should follow the local protocols. They are almost the same as in the Netherlands, so there should be no problems with mutual trust”, De Kort added. In addition to him, his colleague Rene Oue Groeniger, Purchasing manager, also arrived on the flight.
Among the greeters of the first charter guests were the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova and the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.

I welcome the tourists from the Netherlands who have chosen Bulgaria for their summer vacation. The planned flight of Corendon, which we talked about 2 weeks ago, has come true and we hope to be lucky as the beginning of the active summer season.

“In Burgas we expect 4 flights from Germany on Sunday, said Minister Angelkova. Thus, we gradually forecast the restoration of part of the charter program at the airport. The company will fly 4 times a week and we hope that with this 35 euro subsidy for an airplane seat for tourist flights we will be able to expand the flight program, it is already planned with this company until October 5. Our partners appreciate the timely and effective measures taken by the Bulgarian government, we expect with their strict observance to implement the summer season, which will be different and difficult given the global pandemic”, she added.

“At the meeting with the managers of Corendon, we emphasized that Burgas and the Black Sea coast are a safe destination for tourists. According to a study on the spread of COVID-19 in the region, which was conducted by the municipality of Burgas, less than 1% of people here have encountered the coronavirus. The measures are observed, the water is clean and the weather is with us, said Minister Angelkova. We really hope to have a good season, despite the difficulties and the crisis. The company's program is until October 5, but a possible increase is planned depending on how the registrations develop”, became clear from the words of the Minister of Tourism.
The representatives of the company explained that for this and each subsequent group the measures are explained in advance. Everyone is familiar, they are strictly committed to following them.

“We do not expect to have problems in this regard. People accept everything extremely calmly. We have explained to them in advance that they should follow the local protocols. They are almost the same as in the Netherlands and there should be no problems with mutual trust”, said the tour operators. On the Bulgarian side, the hotel teams are prepared to provide additional information.

The mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov explained that the campaign for the region was presented at the bilateral meeting. “We will expand our study at the end of the season, we will expand the circle of people who will be tested for the spread of the virus, so as to help both the Ministry of Tourism and business. We commented with our Dutch colleagues that we will intensify the promotion of the Southern Black Sea coast through bloggers. We are already working with Dutch bloggers, they will help us increase this network. The Ministry of Tourism will assist us to increase the information. We take this opportunity to invite these guests to the island of St. Anastasia and to see for themselves how many wonderful places there are in the area”, added the mayor of the municipality Dimitar Nikolov.



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