Bulgaria’s cultural institutes will promote tourism abroad

11 March 2015
Bulgaria’s cultural institutes will promote tourism abroad

The Bulgarian cultural institutes abroad will promote possibilities for tourism in the country. This is stipulated by the Agreement for Cooperation and Exchange of Information for the Promotion of Bulgarian Tourism Abroad that the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova and the Minister of Culure Vezhdi Rashidov signed.  Bulgaria has 11 cultural institutes in Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw, Vienna, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Skopje and Prague. 

The agreement stipulates that the Ministry of Culture will assign the Bulgarian cultural institutes abroad the presentation of the country as an attractive tourist destination;  they will be promoting its rich cultural heritage and the possibilities for cultural tourism in Bulgaria. Its potential for the development of seaside, balneo and SPA, eco, rural, sport, adventure, hunting, golf, wine and gourmet tourism will also be highlighted.  

“Culture and tourism should go hand in hand. This is the only way for us to attract an even greater number of tourists and to show the beauty of our unique heritage”, noted the Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov.

“This cooperation with our colleagues is extremely important for us and will allow our country to use more effectively the possibilities offered by the Bulgarian cultural institutes”, stated Minister Angelkova after the signing of the agreement. She noted that these establishments have central locations in countries that are key markets for us and are therefore very convenient venues for various promotional and other campaigns that will feature Bulgaria as a tourist route. “We all have a vowed interest to make our country a recognizable and preferred destination and we must unite our efforts to create a positive image for Bulgaria”, stressed Minister Angelkova.

The ministries will also organize joint events to promote the country as a year-round tourist destination. The Ministry of Tourism will also contribute with promotional and information materials about Bulgaria as an attractive place for travel and recreation. The two ministries will exchange regular information that will help update the national cultural calendar which is currently maintained by the Ministry of Culture.


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