Actress Maria Bakalova was named “Ambassador of Destination Bulgaria” at a meeting with Minister of Tourism Stella Baltova

19 July 2021

At the invitation of the caretaker Minister Assoc. Prof. Stella Baltova, the first Bulgarian actress nominated for an Oscar - Maria Bakalova, was a guest today at the Ministry of Tourism, immediately after her participation in the Cannes Film Festival. At the meeting, Minister Baltova praised the success of Maria Bakalova that in such a short time she managed to do so much - not only for young people who dared to go on her way in the world of cinema, but also by directing the spotlight to Bulgaria, to her hometown Burgas and to our part of Europe.

Brand Bulgaria already has its new face to make our country even more popular and recognizable, after Minister Baltova presented a badge of honor to the young actress “Ambassador of Destination Bulgaria” and congratulated her on the success and high peaks she has achieved at her fragile age. “My team and I would be happy for you to accept this symbolic role of an Ambassador and to embrace as your cause the promotion of the diversity of the tourist destination Bulgaria”, said Minister Baltova, presenting the badge of honor.

Maria Bakalova thanked and shared how excited she is, saying that she accepts the honor given to her responsibly. She stressed that Bulgaria is a wonderful country and its beauties, delicious food and ancient history should be promoted. “It is an honor and pride for me to call myself a Bulgarian and I have always loved Bulgaria. I sincerely hope that the new, young generation will be happy and proud to be Bulgarians”, because they know their history and despite the difficulties, it builds their character, said the young actress. According to her, our nature and architecture are extremely beautiful and she rediscovers them every time she happily returns home.

“We must allow people to feel Bulgaria”, Maria Bakalova urged.

The Minister expressed confidence that the young and successful Bulgarians are our Ambassadors around the world, and the success for Maria Bakalova is yet to come.

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