35% increase of TUI-Central Europe charter flights and a double increase of incoming tourists from that market are expected

09 November 2015

Charter flights from countries where TUI-Central Europe operates including Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland are expected to increase in the summer of 2016. The announcement was made during a meetings of the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova with the management of one of the world’s biggest tour operators. The Minister held talks with Oliver  Doerschuck, CEO of TUI-Germany, Florian Fleischer director “Production and sales”, Elke Janssen,  referent “Quality support management” and Seam Harteneck „Hotel concepts“ referent.

Statistical data by the tour operator indicates that tourists from these markets will double in the upcoming summer season – an increase from 80 000 to 130 000 is expected. Preliminary talks are also held with the TUI Group Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries where an increase of flights is also expected. „It is crucial for us to be in constant contact with the big tour operators. I have held a number of meetings with the tourist branch industry and they are all preparing for the 2016 summer season and will be offering special packages at competitive prices”, said Minister Angelkova. She stressed that the state administration is also actively engaged in the preparations for the 2016 season – a key factor in the country’s marketing strategy for next year will be working in partnership with the big tour operators.

The TUI management noted that it expects the Bulgarian business to focus on increasing the quality of the tourist product mostly in the food and public services sectors.  They also said that Bulgaria boasts very good tourist facilities, which gives it a competitive edge on the world tourist market. Minister Angelkova  informed that actions have already been taken to overcome one of the major issues in the sector related to improving personnel qualifications; an interministerial council will also be created  which will offer concrete solutions in that respect. The Ministry of Tourism is in constant contact with the Consumer Protection Commission and will push for legislative changes which will increase the Ministry’s control functions and thus help increase the quality of the tourist product. „The general trend is for a drop in the malpractices in the tourist industry which shows an overriding desire to offer quality tourist services”, stressed Nikolina Angelkova.   

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