MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM For tourism purposes without 14-day quarantine tourists from 35 countries can arrive in Bulgaria

19 June 2020

From June 20th, 2020 Bulgaria receives tourists from 35 countries, in connection with the beginning of the summer tourist season 2020 and according to Order No. РД-01-347/19.06.2020 of the Minister of Health.


Through all border checkpoints on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for the purpose of tourism without being placed under a 14-day quarantine, people from the following countries could arrive:

  1. The Republic of Austria;
  2. The Kingdom of Netherlands;
  3. The Federal Republic of Germany;
  4. The Republic of Poland;       
  5. Hellenic Republic;      
  6. The Kingdom of Denmark;
  7. Romania;
  8. The Republic of Estonia;
  9. The Slovak Republic;    
  10. The Republic of Slovenia;    
  11. Hungary;       
  12. The Republic of Finland;   
  13. The Republic of Cyprus;
  14. The French Republic;     
  15. The Republic of Latvia;
  16. The Republic of Croatia;    
  17. The Republic of Lithuania;
  18. The Czech Republic;
  19. Grand Duchy of Luxemburg;
  20. Iceland;
  21. The Kingdom of Norway;
  22. The Principality of Liechtenstein;
  23. Swiss Confederation;
  24. The Republic of San Marino;
  25. The Principality of Andorra;
  26. The Principality of Monaco;
  27. The Vatican City State;
  28. The Republic of Malta
  29. Italian Republic
  30. The Kingdom of Spain
  31. The Republic of Ireland;
  32. The Kingdom of Belgium;
  33. The Republic of Serbia;
  34. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  35. Montenegro.


The list is subject to update and supplementation depending on the development of the epidemic situation.

We specify that the measure applies to arrivals from the above countries, which are citizens of an EU Member State, party to the Schengen Agreement , the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina and Montenegro, as well as persons who have residence permit in an EU Member State, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or in country of the Schengen Agreement (including the Republic of San Marino, the Principality of Andorra, the Principality of Monaco and the Vatican City State) and their family members.

Persons who are not placed under quarantine, as well as persons who transit through the territory of the country, shall submit to the border health control authorities a Declaration in a form, which obliges them to comply with the anti-epidemic measures in force, and that they are aware of the risks of the COVID-19 disease.

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