Bulgaria and Serbia Will Jointly Promote Themselves through a Common Balkan Product

23 February 2023

Bulgaria and Serbia to jointly promote themselves through a common Balkan product on third markets. This is what the Minister of Tourism Dr. Ilin Dimitrov proposed to his Serbian counterpart Husein Memic during their meeting in Serbia.

The Ministry of Tourism Participates at the International Tourism Exhibition in Munich, Germany

21 February 2023

The Ministry of Tourism organizes the participation of Bulgaria at the international tourism exhibition in Munich, Germany, which takes place in the period 22—26 February 2023. The Bulgarian information booth is on an area of 30 sq.

Meet World-Famous Stars John Malkovich and Sandro Miller

17 February 2023

The Minister of Tourism Dr. Ilin Dimitrov met with world-famous artists John Malkovich and photographer Sandro Miller during the opening of their joint exhibition at the Square 500 Gallery.

The Ministry of Tourism Took Part in the International Tourism Exhibition IMTM 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel

17 February 2023

The participation of the Ministry of Tourism at the International Tourism Exhibition IMTM 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel in the period 14—15 February 2023 ended with great success.

The Ministry of Tourism Held a Series of Bilateral Business Meetings in Germany

13 February 2023

A series of bilateral business meetings between German and Bulgarian representatives of the tourism sector was held successfully and with great interest on the German market in order to strengthen and develop the ties between the two countries and

The Council of Ministers Approved New Payments of More than BGN 14.9 Million to Hoteliers Who Accommodated Ukrainian Refugees

08 February 2023

The Council of Ministers adopted three decisions on the approval of assistance to applicants under the programmes for the use of humanitarian aid for persons seeking temporary protection in Bulgaria as a result of the military operations in Ukrain

The Ministry of Tourism Processed Three More Lists of Humanitarian Programmes for Ukraine, under Which a Total of BGN 15.1 Million Is to Be Disbursed.

31 January 2023

The Ministry of Tourism has processed three lists for payment under the two humanitarian programmes to assist displaced persons from Ukraine — a first payment for the months of November and December under the second programme and a supplementary p


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