Nikolina Angelkova told WTO: In 2016 Bulgaria attracted a record number of foreign tourists

11 May 2017

In the past year a great deal of work was done, which helped achieve the record high results. Over 8.2 million of foreign tourists visited Bulgaria, the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova stated at the 105th session of the World Tourism Organization, which is held today in Madrid, Spain.

Minister Angelkova said she was personally committed to furthering these results and making them a sustainable trend. She underscored this summer Bulgaria expected a 10% growth of foreign tourists.  

Nikolina Angelkova was explicit that she would continue the activities on reinforcing the rebranded image of the country as a preferred year-round destination, offering a high quality tourist product and attracting a greater number of tourists. She stated that our country would continue pro-actively working on the initiatives associated with the World Tourism Organization.

Minister Angelkova congratulated the current Secretary-General of WTO Taleb Rifai on his good work and called on the next secretary general to continue it.  

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