Minister Angelkova to WTTC: Over the last two years, tourism in Bulgaria has reported an over 25% growth

20 April 2018

Each tourism development project involved the locals, the municipalities, and the industry

Over the last two years, tourism in Bulgaria has reported an over 25% growth. There were nearly 8.9 mil. international tourists in our country in 2017, 5.3 mil. of whom chose to visit the Black Sea coast. This was announced by the Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, before the delegates of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). She took part as a panellist in a panel dedicated to the topic of the major role of local communities in the development of tourism. The minister stated further that work is presently going on to separate the country into nine distinct tourism areas. The Black Sea coast, for example, will be divided into two areas – Northern and Southern one. All local establishments will be involved in the creation process – municipalities, local organizations, and businesses, explained Minister Angelkova. We offer quality – not just a single tourism project, but an experience. Which goes hand in hand with the warmth and hospitality of the locals.

The minister commented that travel helps people to communicate and getting to know each other. Tourism also has an educational component, due to which understanding among nations is being fostered, she added further.

In most countries there are more tourists in the large settlements, while there aren’t as many in the smaller, countryside settlements. The same is also true for Bulgaria. Therefore, the ministry’s goal is to focus on attracting tourists countrywide. So, we have focused on our cultural-historical heritage. Bulgaria ranks third in Europe in terms of artefacts discovered. 

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Tourism elaborated 8 thematic routes comprising over 150 culture sites in more than 70 locations in Bulgaria, stated the minister, explaining that the cultural-historical destinations are accessible on the Ministry ‘s website. The creation and promotion of those destinations plays a major role in developing the local attractions, since owing to them some of the sites along the routes report a 90% growth in visits, Minister Angelkova indicated further. She highlighted that promotion of the destinations offers an opportunity for local communities to ensure employment in those areas and create social-economic stability. It is an important step towards increasing the competitiveness of the entire sector and the sustainable development of tourism, the minister added further.

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