Minister Angelkova participated in the ministerial meeting entitled “Investment in tourist technologies” as part of the programme of WTM-London

06 November 2018

We are introducing innovative products and technologies in order to support the work of the business

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova participated in the traditional ministerial meeting as part of the programme of the international tourism fair WTM-London, which this year was called “Investment in tourist technologies”. The discussion between the leaders of tourism from the different countries focused on “investments in the future of tourism”. The event was hosted by the CNN journalist Richard Quest.

The participants outlined the role of the government and the politicians as a tool ensuring a competitive tourist industry. The provision of up-to-date and easily accessible data is crucial for all the interested parties, said the Bulgarian Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. She focused on the innovations which the institutions she is in charge of has introduced in order to facilitate the work of the business and the citizens as well. We are continually increasing the share of electronic services the administration offers. We have already removed 19 types of documents on paper and we are currently preparing the conditions for online applications for categorization and re-categorization of the places for accommodation, the specialized centres and others, she added. In the near future, after the respective initial registration, the entrepreneurs will be able to access our registers only by means of face recognition via their smartphones, she said.  

Minister Angelkova announced that the Ministry of Tourism is developing, by means of public procurement, a Unified tourist information system that will satisfy the need of modern technologies. It will make the tourists’ stay safer and will encourage the business to work faster and more easily. The system serves as a portal for communication between the respective central and local authorities functioning as a counter for daily and periodic information along protected channels in real time. It is important for the safety of tourists and each of them would want to visit a destination that guarantees an undisturbed stay, said the minister.

Another important aspect in the development of our country as a year-round competitive destination is the integration of innovative, digital and IT products for promoting Bulgaria as a destination that has magnificent nature and rich cultural-historic heritage, said Minister Angelkova. An Internet platform has been developed using the mobile application iLoveBulgaria, which offers a lot of useful information about the country’s sights and significantly facilitates the tourists in real time, providing them data about what routes and places of accommodation to choose via a GPS & QR scanner. 

The digitalization and the introduction of modern information technologies are among the major priorities of the marketing and advertising policy of the ministry for the future strategic development of tourism in Bulgaria, she said. In the beginning of the year, a thematic international conference called “Digital transformation in tourism” was held. It was organized by the ministry and registered substantial progress in our country’s recongnizability, using the innovative means of communication and impact. The modern approaches in the promotion and digital culture, the role of the online and social platforms are crucial factors for fostering the long-term economic growth in the sector. 

 Minister Angelkova announced that she is preparing a Permanent Council for digitalization in tourism, which will be a platform for dialogue and partnership. It envisages a broad representation of all stakeholders – businesses, state institutions and the executive, sectoral organizations, academia, IT industry, etc., to outline an action plan for real digitalization of services in the sector and facilitate travel in the country.

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