Minister Angelkova: Over 100 000 visited the Rozhen Fair on a single night

17 July 2016

Over 100 000 visited the Rozhen Fair on the peak night between Saturday and Sunday. This was announced before reporters by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. She visited the Fair on its last day, looking at the craftsmen workshop and welcoming participants in the event.

„After a nine-year hiatus, it is the second year running that the organizers have managed to reinstate this unique event of Bulgarian traditions and folklore“, Minister Angelkova said. She committed that the Ministry of Tourism will continue its support for organizing the event and shared hopes that next year the meadows of Rozhen will again welcome hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the country. „In order to support the holding of such events, we are elaborating a dedicated module in the online registry of tourist attractions“, Nikolina Angelkova added.

Responding to a reporter’s question on the situation in Republic of Turkey, the Minister commented that as soon as yesterday the Ministry made contact, together with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents (ABTOTA), with the large-scale tour operators active on the Turkish market. Yesterday, a chartered flight took home 258 Bulgarian tourists from Antalya, with other groups returning by bus from our southern neighbour today. 

The Rozhen Fair is held during the period 15-17 July, 2016 on the Rozhen meadows in the Rhodope mountain. The event is one of the most symbolic festivals gathering in one place all lovers of the Rhodope folklore. During the Fair’s three days, participants had the opportunity to become familiar not only with the authenticity of the Rhodope lifestyle and folklore, but also with the folk customs, crafts, and the beauty of the Rozhen area. 



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