Venelina Chervenkova - Head of Department

  1. The department takes part in the development of a concept for tourist zoning of the country and assists the activity of regionalisation of the tourist product in the country;
  2. ensures the organization and administrative maintenance of the National Council on Tourism;
  3. ensures the coordination with the tourist associations and organizations for the administration of the tourist areas;
  4. supports the activities on the creation of a national network of tourist information centers, operating in compliance with uniform standards and on the basis of public-private partnership;
  5. interacts with the competent government authorities and with the territorial executive authorities, organizes and coordinates joint activities for the implementation of the national tourist policies, financial security and implementation of the strategies, programmes and concepts related to tourism;
  6. participates in the development and contributes for the implementation of voluntary systems for certification of the quality and sustainable development in tourism;
  7. collects, processes and analyzes statistical data for the development of tourism in the country, as well as other information for the development of the demand and supply in countries, which are the key markets for the national tourist product at regional, European and global level;
  8. organizes and analyzes studies in tourism and draws up forecasts for the development of the industry as a whole and of individual types of tourism;
  9. supports the implementation of initiatives of the tourist associations listed in the National Tourist Register, when they correspond to the objectives and priorities of the Ministry in the field of tourism for the respective year;
  10. supports the activities of the competent authorities for implementing the state policy for improvement of the qualification of the personnel in tourism;
  11. enters the tourist associations in the National Tourist Register;
  12. issues certificates to the tourist information centers and includes them in the National Network of Certified Tourist Information Centers.