The Ministers of Tourism of Bulgaria and Iran signed a Cooperation in the Field of Tourism Program up until 2024

27 July 2021

The Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria Stella Baltova and the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Asghar Mounesan signed a Cooperation in the Field of Tourism Implementation Program for the period 2021-2024. The ceremony was held online and before that, the two ministers diplomatically put their signatures on the executive document.

“In recent years, our partnership in the field of tourism has contributed significantly to the cooperation between Bulgaria and Iran,” Minister Baltova said and expressed hopes that the signing of this program will serve as a platform to discuss the opportunities that can be explored, the benefits that can be shared, as well as the obstacles that need to be overcome to strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism.

Minister Baltova stated that the country has a potential to be a year-round destination with its famous winter and seaside resorts, beautiful sandy beaches, mineral springs, spa facilities and golf courses. “Tourists can practice various forms of tourism – cultural, spa, health, golf and food tourism, ecotourism and other opportunities. Bulgaria is proud of its beautiful nature and amazing biological diversity. We attract people from all over the world through hospitality and offer high quality service,” the Bulgarian Minister said.

According to her words, by signing this program, Bulgaria and Iran will have the opportunity to identify new opportunities for mutual cooperation to support the tourist flow between the two countries.

On his part, Minister Ali Asgar Mounesan said that the signing of the document will contribute to deepening the partnership in the sector. He explained that Iran has an ancient culture and history and many artefacts, with more than 7,000 museums in the country. He said that Iran attracts many visitors with rural and cultural-historical tourism, and medical services are a reason to visit guests from neighbouring countries. Many problems that exist in the world are due to the lack of closeness, he added. According to Minister Munesan, “the COVID-19 crisis has distanced us from each other, but he believes that we will soon overcome the distances and the pandemic.”

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