Gorni Bogrov Monastery "St. George"

The monastery "St. Georgi" is easily accessible - it is located 16 km east of Sofia, on a highway exit near Gorni Bogrov village. There are vague myths of the old history of the place that since ancient times there has been a prayer house that has been destroyed many times during the Ottoman rule, but raised again by the locals. Today's church was built by the local people after the Liberation. The main landmark of this little monastery is a strange two-meter votive stone, which is located on the altar of the temple. This stone is said to be miraculously growing. According to a local legend, the stone was brought here from Jerusalem by the Crusaders, and "Jerusalem" carved crosses are provided as evidence.

Vehicle accessibility to the monastery is provided. Bus line 118 from bus station "East" on Botevgradsko shosse in Sofia will take you to the village of Gorni Bogrov near Sofia, and the monastery is at the end of the village.