Kremikovtsi Monastery "Saint George"

Probably founded at the end of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George was destroyed during the invasion of the Ottoman Turks. The ktetor's inscription states that in 1493 the church was again raised and painted with the help of the local boyar (nobleman) Radivoy. The murals of the temple are a textbook example of Orthodox iconography, exemplars of post-Byzantine art. The frescoes of 1493 prove that a century after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule in Sofia were preserved not only the Bulgarian aristocracy, but also the high spiritual and iconographic enlightenment.

Today the monastery consists of two churches - old and new, and residential buildings. Every year, on October 1, a pilgrimage tour takes place to this holy site, which starts at the church "St. Petka" in the Kremikovtsi quarter of Sofia. Vehicle accessibility is provided.  A footpath starting from the Kremikovtzi quarter leads to the monastery too. And Kremikovtsi is accessible by bus line 117 from the bus station "East" on Botevgradsko shosse in Sofia. The dome of the new church of Kremikovtsi Monastery is visible for several kilometers.