Lozenski monastery “St. Spas”

Lozenski monastery “St. Spas” is situated in the picturesque Lozenska Mountain near Sofia. There are valuable frescoes in the church from a periof of church reconstruction and building of three new domes - 1868 - 1869, when a famous Samokov painter Nikola Obrazopisov and his disciples worked there. It is characteristic that the inscribed saints have predominantly Bulgarian roots - St. Ivan Rilski, St. Boris (Michael), St. Patriarch Evtimii, St. Nikola Novi Sofiyski, Sv. Georgi Novi Sofiiski. In the seventeenth century the abbey was a significant educational and literary center. Every year on the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord a pilgrimage on the route to the monastery takes place. It starts from the church "St. the Martyr Georgi" in the village of Lozen. The monastery is medieval. Today it is a girls' monastery. It is located about 5 km from Sofia.

Vehicle accessibility is provided. The village of Lozen is accessible by suburban bus line No. 5 from the Tsarigradsko shose station of Sofia's subway. From the village to the monastery there is a trail (about 4 km) and a pleasant 50-minute walk takes you to the monastery. There is a website.