Osenovlashki Monastery “Virgin Mary”

Osenovlashki Monastery “Virgin Mary” is more familiar as “The Seven Altars”. It s located at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, 15 km away from Eliseyna Station. In the past, Latin Kale Fortress was found near the monastery. Legend goes that it was founded in the XI century. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times. In 1815, the church was built and restored in its current appearance. Its name comes from the seven thrones (chapels), separated by walls in the dome between the arms of the main cross.

Transport: Seven Thrones is easily accessible by car from Sofia, following the route to the city of Mezdra through the Iskar Gorge. Reaching Eliseyna Station, pass the level crossing and take the 12 km asphalt road to the village of Osenovlag, which leads to the gates of the monastery.

In Osenovlashki Monastery, the housekeeper provides a lecture in Bulgarian.

Moreover, you can visit the Tsari Mali Grad complex.