Cherepish Monastery “The Assumption of Virgin Mary”

Cherepish Monastery “The Assumption of Virgin Mary” is located in the Iskar Gorge of the Balkan Mountains, 2 km southwest of the village of Lyutibrod and 29 km southeast of the city of Vratsa. The monastery was built during the reign of Tsar Ivan Shishman (reigned 1371-1393). The residential buildings, which visitors of the monastery can see today, were built in 1836. In 1784, a two-floor ossuary was built in the rocks above the monastery. Its chapel was dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In the mid-nineteenth century, some of the buildings of the monastery were destroyed in collapse or fire, but in the next years they were rebuilt.


Transport: Cherepish Monastery is easily accessible by car from Sofia, following the route to the city of Mezdra through the Iskar Gorge. At about 15 km before reaching Mezdra, there is a small detour, which takes to the gates of the monastery in 100 m.


In Cherepish Monastery, lectures are read by priests in Bulgarian.