The Ministry of Tourism receives an award as a government institution supporting the small and medium businesses

08 June 2018

The Ministry of Tourism was bestowed an award in the Government Institutions Supporting the Small and Medium Businesses category at the competition of the Association to Support Small and Medium Businesses  - United Business Clubs. The ceremony was held within the framework of the 2nd Balkan Conference on Small and Medium Businesses.

It is a recognition for the work done by our entire team and for the active communication with the businesses that we have been engaging in since our establishment as a standalone institution. Small and medium companies are prevalent in tourism and good care for them is a prerequisite for sustainable development of the sector and high quality of the tourism product, commented Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, on account of the event.

She recalled that the number of businesses involved in lodging and dining in our country stands at circa 27 000, while those employed in tourism and its associated economic operations stood at 335 500 in 2017, i.e., nearly 11% of everyone employed in Bulgaria.

To many of those people tourism is not just a profession but a destiny and we are grateful for their dedication and initiative, emphasized Minister Angelkova.

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