Minister Angelkova: We will make a proposal for funding integrated tourist projects during the next programme period

15 September 2018

The wine and culinary destinations Sakar and the Rhodopes were discussed at a round table organized in the town of Kardzhali.

We will make a proposal to fund large integrated tourist projects under the operational programmes during the next programme period. We are planning to start with nine projects, one in each tourist region for planning. This was said by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova during the fifth round table under the project “Share Bulgaria” in Kardzhali. She clarified that at present negotiations are being held and preliminary preparation and an analysis of the projects are being conducted. A working group has also been established in order to prepare the plan and in the next stage of the preparation, the local authorities and the business will also be included, said the Minister. The possibilities for providing funds are part of the future programme for regional development or development of the rural areas. Now is the right time to launch the initial activities because we have a long way to go before we finish a proposal and it often takes a long time.

The “Share Bulgaria” initiative can also support the development of these projects, said Minister Angelkova. This initiative is being implemented jointly by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. It includes the establishment of 12 wine and culinary destinations encompassing more than 50 municipalities and over 100 tourist attractions.

The main focus of the debate held in Kardzhali included the destinations Sakar and the Rhodopi. Sevda Kamburova, deputy regional governon of the district of Kardzhali and Eng. Krasimir Koev, executive director of the Executive agency on vine and wine took part in the forum. Sakar destination includes the municipalities of Harmanli, Lyubimets, Svilengrad, Topolovgrad. Some of the most emblematic tourist sites in the region, traditional dishes and typical wine are part of it. The Rhodopes destination includes the municipalities of Smolyan, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Ivailovgrad. Some of the most emblematic tourist attractions, not only for the region but in the country as well, are part of this destination. These sites include Perperikon, the Virgin Mary monument, the Stone Wedding, the Stone Mushrooms, the Devile’s Bridge and Tatul. The cuisine and wine typical for the region are also part of this destination.

The concept of the debates is for all the interested parties, the business and the local authorities, to share their opinions and suggestions, which will help us develop a joint effective project, said Minister Angelkova. She also added that we expect to build on and finalize our concept. We think that this initiative will contribute to the enrichment and the extension of the summer and winter tourism – our main tourist products, said the Minister.  

The destinations approved by the business and the local authorities will be presented in October, announced Minister Angelkova. We are planning to launch an active marketing campaign with which we will turn it into a discernible symbol of the project and the varied tourist product of our country. It is important for us to finish the project on time so that it will be included in the Annual Programme for National Tourist Advertising 2019, explained the Minister. She also added that it will contribute to the popularization and the development of regional tourism, which will affect the progress of the sector on a national level.

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