Minister Angelkova: We found illegal activities at the Fichoza beach

27 August 2016

A hotel operator of the Varna beach Fichoza will have to pay between BGN 10 000 and 50 000 for placing umbrellas and folding chairs at the beach without being so entitled. This was announced today by the Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, and the Varna Regional Governor, Stoyan Pasev. They attended an unannounced inspection of the beach strip by experts from both institutions, acting on a filed signal.

„The regional administration has provided a rescue service at the beach, the Municipality provides the cleaning, while a private entity makes use of all of this without paying any fees to the government“, Minister Angelkova found. It was ascertained that an entire sector of the beach was appropriated by the hotel operator, with special signage warning that apart from the hotel guests no one is entitled to use that sector. „According to documents this is an unguarded beach and the entire area has to be absolutely free to tourists“, Nikolina Angelkova emphasized. She added that while beach concessionaires and lessees are required to provide a number of services and are subject to control at all times, such entrepreneurs derive only benefits. „We will continue our inspections of both this beach and the entire Black Sea cost start“, the Minister stated categorically.

Operation of two catering establishments at the beach strip was also ascertained during the inspection. Minister Angelkova ordered that geodetic photos be shot to verify whether these conform to the cadastre scheme. „No one is entitled to any retail operation at the beach strip of an unguarded beach“, Nikolina Angelkova explained. According to her, during early season more than 100 beaches were inspected, while during the past week some 65 beach strips underwent follow-up inspections by the Ministry teams.

Experts of the Ministry of Tourism and Varna Regional Administration composed a statement of infractions of the offender, ESI BULGARIA Ltd., an act ascertaining the administrative offense is due to be issued.

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