Minister Angelkova: We are introducing a voluntary label for quality in tourism

26 May 2016

We are developing a system of criteria to promote the provision of more services at the hotels and restaurants and we intend to introduce a voluntary label of quality. An element of awarding it will be the offering of traditional Bulgarian products produced in accordance with the Bulgarian National Standard (BDS) and with the industry quality standards, minister of tourism Nikolina Angelkova said at the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) and two industry organizations of Bulgarian producers of food and beverages. Present at the ceremony was also the minister of agriculture and food Desislava Taneva.

“Observing the Memorandum will be one of the requirements for awarding the label for quality in tourism“, minister Angelkova explained.  In her words, the purpose is by the end of the year to develop and present all the details for its award and implementation, which should be embedded in the amendments to the Tourism Act.  She underlined that the aim is to encourage those members of the sector which offer greater number and more diverse services apart from those set out in the act and in the regulations. “Quality in tourism means not only good facilities but also the services offered on the spot. Through the voluntary label of quality members of the sector which offer more services to their guests will become more visible and this will promote competitiveness in the sector”, the minister of tourism added. She underlined that in the preparation of the quality label good practices of leading tourism countries and the Code of Quality and Ethics of the World Tourism Organisation have been taken into account. The changes will not incur further burdens on the business but will relieve its work.

Minister Angelkova recalled that in terms of high-quality services in the sector very good results were achieved in 2015. In the four- and five-star places of accommodation over 11 million overnights were realized, or 4% growth versus 2014, i.e. more than half of all overnights in the country.  Over 3 million persons stayed here, i.e. 7% more than in 2014, and proceeds from overnight marked some 10% rise.

The following food and accommodation establishments took part in the event: pastry shops “Nedelya”, “Club б35“; Pizza chain “XXL“; “Club Cuba Libre”; “Raffy - Bar & Gelato“; “Trops houses”, “Olives”, “Yamas”;  “Dobro” restaurants; “Krivoto” restaurants; “Bodega” restaurants;  “Vetrilo” restaurants; “Tsvetiata” hotel; hotel complex  "Jasmine” -Sofia;  sp[a hotel “RICH” – Velingrad; hotel “Downtown” – Sofia.  They authorized the chairman of the BHRA Blagoy Ragin to sign the document and the Association expects more hotels and restaurants to join it in the near future. On behalf of the producers the memorandum was signed by the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria,  the Association of Milk  Processors in Bulgaria, the National Association of  Milk  Processors, the Association of Bulgarian Soft Drinks, the National Union of Bread Producers and Confectioners, the Union of the Processors of Fruit and Vegetables in Bulgaria, the Association of  the Producers of Vegetable Oils and Oil Products in Bulgaria, the Association “Traditional Raw- Smoked  Meat Products”, the Product Board for Eggs, Poultry and Rabbit Meat. 

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