Minister Angelkova takes part in the Annual Meeting of the National Tourism Council

24 November 2016

The establishment of a standalone Ministry of Tourism was a crucial political recognition of the sector’s significance for Bulgaria’s economy. This opinion was shared by participants in the Annual Meeting of the National Tourism Council. The resigned Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, was invited as an official guest at the event’s opening. The organization contains some of the biggest investors in the tourism sector.

„I am glad to see you united because the fractured nature and sheer number of tourism organizations is one of the industry’s biggest issues. This stands in the way of both beneficial dialogue between the government and businesses, as well as in the way of effective public-private partnership“, Minister Angelkova emphasized. She added that it is now crucial to kept the Ministry of Tourism as a standalone institution and build on the results achieved. Participants in the National Tourism Council stated their unequivocal support to such effect and emphasized that henceforth all thinking should only be towards expansion of the Ministry’s powers and provision of more funds to provide for the Ministry’s activities. Personal support was stated for Nikolina Angelkova as the first Minister of Tourism for all results achieved in the sector.

A part of the tourist tax to be collected and spent specifically for tourism on a national level, was another proposal tabled by business representatives. They also stated their support for the introduction of the Single Tourism Information System as a main tool for bringing the sector out of the shadow economy and boosting the tax collection rates.

The National Tourism Council has set a task to be partner for the government in all policies implemented. Tourism is a horizontal sector and has relevance for all other sectors. Therefore, in accordance with their competences, the Board members will monitor such policies and provide feedback in regard to their efficiency, it was further announced at the meeting.

The National Tourism Council’s management board includes: Krasimir Gergov, Martin Zahariev, Radosvet Radev, Tsolo Vutev, Mario Zahariev, Kalin Peshov, Georgi Gergov, Marin Mitev, Polina Karastoyanova, Lachezar Todorov, Tihomir Trendafilov, Kancho Stoychev, Georgi Velchev, Georgi Krumov, Radka Mineva, Tsvetelina Borislavova, Vetko Arabadjiev, Lyudmil Stoykov, Lachezar Tsotsorkov, Georgi Chopev, Spas Rusev, Georgi Chuhlev, and Nikolay Pehlivanov.



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