Minister Angelkova ordered inspection of the Irakli Beach

12 June 2016

A site inspection showed that there are no beach facilities available and there are no fees collected from tourists

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova ordered an inspection to be carried out on the Irakli Beach. Today, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, carried out site inspection of the beach, which showed that there are no beach facilities available and no fees are collected from tourists. The reason for the inspection was the announced information over the Internet that at the Irakli Beach fees are collected from tourists for the use of sunbeds and parasols.

The report by the employees of the Ministry from the site inspection showed that the posed photos with labels with prices are not located at the Irakli Beach, but at the Vaya Beach which is located nearby. The beach coast there is rented and has an approved scheme for placing beach facilities. According to the collected information, parasol and a sunbed are provided to tourists for 6 BGN each and the price with included food and drinks is 36 BGN. It is planned to have the beach strip mapped and measured in order to determine its compliance with the approved scheme for placing of beach facilities and whether there is a 50 % free zone, but on site there are no more than 25 parasols.

We are reminding that according to the adopted amendments to the Law of Organization of the Black Sea Coast, the Irakli Beach is separated as a place for environmentally friendly tourism and it prohibits any commercial activity therein, and this beach strip shall not be provided under concession and/or rent. The state has already provided water and life guards on the beach in order to ensure the safety of tourists.

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