Minister Angelkova: A meeting about amendments to the legal framework and the coming summer season is to be held with business

04 May 2017

One of the main tasks in the beginning of next week is to hold a meeting with the business in the tourism industry. We will discuss the Tourism Act, the coming summer season, and improvements to be introduced in the Black Sea Coast Development and Grouping of Beaches Act. It is important to discuss together with representatives of ministries, the local administration and businesses the priorities that need be set, which would require amending the Tourism Act so as to make it workable. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova on her taking office. She took over the office from Stela Baltova at a ceremony held in the ministry.

In her words, the caretaker team of the Ministry of Tourism has pursued a consistent policy with regard to the national programme for tourism advertising.

Minister Angelkova stated that one of the key priorities in her work pertained to the summer season, conducting inspections of the condition of beaches, the completed legal procedures for sea beaches and identification of whether more beaches could be leased. This is one of the steps to ensure a problem-free summer season, to have life guards, cleaning and medical services on as many number of sea beaches as possible, the Minister of Tourism added.

The EU Chairmanship provides a unique opportunity to present Bulgaria in the best possible way. Besides being a centre of all European policies, we will present our country as an attractive tourist destination, the minister commented and added that we would have the chance to present our culture, history, traditions, all that makes our country unique.

The Caretaker Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova presented two of the key priorities pursued in the last three months – proper implementation of the regulations policy and the policy on presenting a quality Bulgarian product in marketing and international activities. She also highlighted that a major focus was put on promoting different year-round-sought products in order to extend the seasons and make Bulgaria a year-round tourist destination.

Assoc. Professor Stela Baltova confirmed a record high winter season in Bulgaria, which marked a 20% growth in the period December 2016 – March 2017 compared to the 2015-2016 period. She stated that this was mainly due to the consistent policy pursued by the government, the efforts of the tourist business, regional administrations, local authorities and all stakeholders. 

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