Minister Angelkova converses with Wei Hongtao, Deputy Chair of China’s National Tourism Administration

17 April 2018

The Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, conversed with Wei Hongtao, Deputy Chair of the National Tourism Administration and member of the ruling party of People’s Republic of China. The two discussed the cooperation opportunities during the meeting of the G20 line ministers for tourism, which is held in Buenos Aires. China is among the top 50 markets for tourism generating for Bulgaria, announced Minister Angelkova, adding that the country ranked 32nd during this year’s first two months. Last year over 26 000 Chinese visited our country, registering an over 41 per cent growth, the minister said further.

This year one of the major highlights is the 2018 – EU-China Tourism Year initiative, with the Chinese market’s potential being so huge, Minister Angelkova. According to 2017 stats, European countries reported over 12.4 mil. tourism visits of Chinese nationals, the growth being 18%, compared to 2016. Visits of Chinese tourists are expected to keep growing in the coming years, commented the minister, informing her interlocutor that a general meeting is planned for next month to discuss the so-called Balkan Route, whose establishment was proposed following the summit level meeting in Sofia of the line ministers of tourism of the EU member states, said Minister Angelkova. She explained that the event was of the highest A class in the agenda of Bulgaria’s EU Council presidency, which the country took over for the first time since its accession in 2007.

Mr. Wei Hongtao congratulated Minister Angelkova on the goal-oriented policy to attract more Chinese visitors to the country and Europe, adding that a better way to promote the country is exactly through tourism products, which are tailor made for China.

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