Bulgaria is now ahead of the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium and many other destinations by number of nights in hotels by foreigners for June-July 2018.

19 October 2018

By the level of tourism development in the summer season, our country is before countries like Cyprus and Malta

In terms of number of nights spent in hotels and similar accommodation places by foreigners, Bulgaria is ahead of the Netherlands, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and many other destinations in June-July 2018.

In the two summer months, more than 7.407 million were night stays in hotels by foreigners in Bulgaria, while in the Netherlands, these were 5.4 million, in Ireland - 2.9 million, in the Czech Republic and Hungary they were respectively 4.5 million and 2.6 million. Nights spent by foreigners in hotels reported in Belgium - 2.2 million, in Poland - 2.9 million, in Slovakia - 900 thousand, in Luxembourg- 267 thousand for the same period this year.

These data are proof of the sustainable progress of the sector and the establishment of the country as a preferred place for vacations and trips of foreign guests, the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova said. She also pointed out that during the summer months, the interest in sea-based destinations is greatest, but accompanying tourist products such as SPA, cultural and historical, urban and mountainous ones also have a contribution.

Within the EU, for the period June-July 2018, Bulgaria ranks 10th in terms of nights spent by foreigners in hotels. According to the level of tourism development in the summer season, Bulgaria is ahead of destinations like Cyprus and Malta, and the number of nights spent by foreign tourists staying in hotels is not significantly smaller compared to Portugal.

These statistics show that the consistent and intensive work of the tourism administration and the businesses to attract more foreign visitors to Bulgaria delivers good results, the Minister said. She also added that this motivates us to continue to actively and purposefully promote Bulgaria as a year-round destination in order to preserve the sustainable development trend.

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